National Bed Month


It’s National Bed Month. Carrie Ginniver offers a different perspective on the impact of the bed, and other private spaces, on our state of mind with her installation A Bed for the Physicality of Thought.

This installation includes a framed text piece. Much of the text is illegible but the right hand side reads:
“Programme that *accepted (scored out)* accessed all your information and projected it onto a large makeshift mirror.

Is SELF-AWARENESS important?
negate the idea of the self?”

Artists Statement
Public and private, like self and other are co-dependent. All of them play key roles in the way humanity navigates its existence. I have a need for understanding but what if I put aside the conquest of understanding and analysis, in order to create without tangible reference or even a chaotic state of mind? The inability to make sense of something pushes us toward actions we have no logical or rational thought about. There is an intuition to creation. I attempt to make sense of our existence as humans, representing the private struggle to comprehend it through the creation of objects which are revealed publicly.

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