Flashback Friday

In 2017 Rowan Crawford received an RGU Purchase Award for her work Nightfall.  It is still one of our favourites in the collection with its merging and minimising of two dramatic photographic images of skies which Rowan chose as both ‘sublime’ and ‘beautiful’. Each of the  photographs were taken in Scotland, one photographic composition wasContinue reading “Flashback Friday”

EVENTYR: Imagine

  This drawing by former Gray’s School of Art Drawing and Painting tutor Derek Ashby reminds the Collections Custodian of the wonderful book  The 39 Steps by John Buchan. A path leads along the perimeter of a very high wall. Steam from the steam train billows and swirls around in the air as the bigContinue reading “EVENTYR: Imagine”

RGU Art and Heritage Object of the Week

John Lewis Project: Gray’s School of Art student Kasia Serafin tells us that the concept  behind this design is for the customers to feel as if they’re peeking inside the scene through a pair of binoculars. This illustrated display consists of several layers or illustrations, which combine to create an eye-catching multi dimensional scene. VisibleContinue reading “RGU Art and Heritage Object of the Week”