Passing the Torch – Legacy and Tradition

Passing the Torch embraces the legacy of Gray’s School of Art ceramics department and showcases an integral part of the cultural vibrancy of the University, being the only institution to offer ceramics provision in Scotland. “Exhibiting recent works alongside selected objects from the RGU Arts and Heritage Collection has allowed reflection on the development ofContinue reading “Passing the Torch – Legacy and Tradition”

Passing The Torch

Celebrating the past and present of ceramics at Gray’s School of Art, RGU, ‘Passing the Torch’ brings together items from ‘Fired Up!’ and pieces preserved within the Art and Heritage Collection. ‘Fired Up!’ marked the first communal wood firing of Gray’s School of Arts wood kiln, built by staff and students, taking place on 30thContinue reading “Passing The Torch”

Object of the Week

Artist’s statement: This project was inspired by my ever-growing cynicism towards the consumer culture of today, using narrative and humour to raise awareness of consumer behaviours, while making others question their own consumer habits. By poking fun at these flawed characters, guilty of so many common consumerist traits within us all, I hoped to createContinue reading “Object of the Week”

ICAF – Augmented Fashion

The International Conference on Augmented Fashion 2022 is a collaboration between the Computing and Fashion and Textiles departments from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and Donghua University, China. RGU Art and Heritage are delighted to support the conference by loaning Purchase Awrad winning work by Fashion and Textiles graduate Beth Davidson to feature as part ofContinue reading “ICAF – Augmented Fashion”

Object of the Week

Items stored within the case: 7 brass, steel and glass parts and lenses; a bakelite disk or cover; a cardboard box with double convex achromatic lens; Plano convex achromatic lens; small cardboard box containing Plamo convex lens and lens; and B & H SP4718 Viewfinder with yellow filter eyepiece.