Flashback Friday

This photograph was recently discovered in Gray’s School of Art.  It features Leo Clegg who led the Sculpture Department in Gray’s School of Art from around 1951. Leo Clegg, seen on the left of the photograph, was a sculptor, sailor, decorated war hero, lifeboat coxswain and art school lecturer. In 1942 sub-lieutenant Clegg was one ofContinue reading “Flashback Friday”

RGU Art and Heritage Collections: The Big Picture

At RGU Art and Heritage Collections we treasure work created by both staff and students from the past and we continue to collect contemporary work by the current and future graduates each year.  This developing and growing collection serves as a time capsule of creative endeavour featuring both Gray’s School of Art Students and students graduating at theContinue reading “RGU Art and Heritage Collections: The Big Picture”

transFORM Exhibition featured Artist: Nathalie Cortada

Nathalie Cortada’s  favourite material is thick raw wool with the lanolin still in it, but she experiments with all sorts of materials, which range from the traditional wool and cotton yarn to fancy yarns.  She also uses newspapers, network cables, video and audiotapes to fishermen’s warp and climbing ropes.  Visit the Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre atContinue reading “transFORM Exhibition featured Artist: Nathalie Cortada”