Object of the Week

Object of the Week 24

Cylinder slip cast with wall paper design imprinted and partially painted over natural clay body.

Artist’s statement:
These 3 cylinders are a small collection taken from the larger ‘Tourist’ group of cylinders – originally comprising 26 cylinders in total. Each has been created using the slip casting technique using only four different moulds and the casts were then altered and adjusted to create uniquely characterised, yet similar objects. Each cylinder was then painted or stained by hand.
My work primarily focuses on the creation of pieces that have character. I have created these pieces with inspiration from the city of Elgin, thus enabling me to explore and represent the present and historic nature of the town in ceramic form through use of a multitude of techniques. I hoped to alert viewers from the town of a history and culture they may not have been aware of.
My exploration drew me to the conclusion that current consumerist trends have devoured the value of buildings that represent the “local” and are unique to the area. Yet, despite the similarities, each new homeowner endeavours to imprint their personality upon the interior. Often this is done through the creation of a ‘feature wall’, giving a small stamp of individual character to the building and creating a history piece of its in doing so.

Object of the Week

Object of the Week 57

Advertising poster for the ‘Be Safe Bouncer’ testing kit for spiked drinks.

Advertisement text:
‘BeSafeBouncer’ is a fun solution to the problem of drink spiking. The device can test for traces of GHB [a commonly used drug for spiking]. The product is specifically aimed at women aged between 18 and 24 and is provided in the nightclub. The reusable bouncer figure slides onto the user’s glass and has a removable head which acts as a test pad.

‘BeSafeBouncer’ provides peace of mind for the user by giving a fast and reliable result. The product also aims to increase awareness about the dangers of drink spiking and act as a deterrent.

National Day of Reflection

In recognition of UK National Day of Reflection we’d like to share these works by Robert Bushe. They express a wistful contemplation of the space in our lives a loved one leaves behind.

Hallway by Robert Bushe,

Artist’s statement:
[These] small works were created following the loss of my father Fred. They are intimate imaginings of my father visiting my home in Leith (which he never did). I used a combination of oils and gouache to achieve a ghostly image and to help the narrative along.

My Father and I by Robert Bushe

This will be the third UK National Day of Reflection, you can find our more about how to be involved and about the network of ‘Walls of Reflection’ throughout the UK on the Marie Curie website.

“An opportunity to remember our loved ones who’ve died, support people who are grieving, and connect with each other. Please join us once again to mark the day with a minute’s silence at noon, a nationwide network of Walls of Reflection, and a series of grief-themed online programmes.”

Father and Son by Robert Bushe

See more work by Robert Bushe at: https://www.robbiebushe.com/