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The Art of Ping Pong by Jono Sandilands

As part of the annual YCN awards scheme, design agency Another Anomaly, New York, set the brief to come up with new and exciting ways to help encourage people to play more table-tennis.

How would you make once-a-year players into amateur players and amateur players into professional players?

The brief was open to focus on a particular group, however it must not put off another group of players.

Former Gray’s school of Art Communication Design student Jono Sandilands received an RGU Purchase Award for his concept for an interactive table-tennis table which allows table-tennis players to record the strokes in their game of ping-pong as still images.

Movement of the ball striking the table in a match is recorded and in turn printed in poster form as a memento of the game. Different styles of pattern and symbols can be selected by the player to enhance their captured print of the match. The concept or tracking the position in which the ball hits the table is similar to Wimbledon’s ‘Hawk Eye’ system.

Jonathan Sandilands later developed a working prototype of the interactive table-tennis table.