Art and Heritage Collections



Fashion and Textiles Collection Objects on Show

October 10th 2011

Recent Fashion and Textiles collection items were on view in Gray’s School of Art. 2nd year and 4th year Fashion and Textiles students were able to examine previous graduates student work.
Purchase prizes are awarded annually to successful students of various disciplines and the collected work is retained by the University.

The fashion and textiles works on show were by the following students of Gray’s School of Art who have graduated between 2005 and 2011 : –

Juliet Buchan

Jennifer McHardy

Kiri Abraham

Mhairi Clark

Lee Borthwick   

Jennifer Carranza

Linzi Sutherland

Ingrid Garrioch

Magdalena Zaraba

University Collection Artworks go on display for Gray’s School of Art Open Day


Works by the following graduates are being displayed in the floor 1 exhibition area as part of the Open Day:

Anna Geerdes                 Painting (BA Hons) 2010

Bronagh Sheerins          Painting (BA Hons) 2011

Callum Chapman           Photography and Electronic Media (BA Hons) 2008

Richard Watson              Photography and Electronic Media (BA Hons) 2009

Dagmar Vhynalkova     Photography and Electronic Media (BA Hons) 2011

Tina Hay                             Sculpture (BA Hons) 2009

Roisin Corrigal                 Sculpture (BA Hons) 2010

Kirsty Hendry                   Printmaking (BA Hons) 2010

Marion Leiper                   Printmaking (BA Hons) 2011



These recent student works held in the Robert Gordon University Art and Heritage Collection are being exhibited between the 5th and the 7th of October.  The exhibition also includes works by Emma Rogers and Anna Bergin who are currently studying Painting at Gray’s School of Art.