Object of the Week

Gray’s School of Art alumna Holly Shand created this sculptural form in 2008. It measures approximately 75 cm in length. Holly was awareded an RGU Purchase Award for her work. Artist’s statement:I developed a series of pieces which were developed and created following an exploration into growth. The works were used to describe stages ofContinue reading “Object of the Week”

National Camera Day

Celebrating National Camera Day, Oscilloscope Camera c.1950. An oscilloscope is a laboratory instrument used to display a visual representations of the waveform of electronic signals for the purpose of analysis. This item, preserved as part of the School of Engineering Collection, would have been used to create a lasting record of a real-time display. D. ShackmanContinue reading “National Camera Day”

Will Maclean RSA

Now showing work in Edinburgh, in an exhibition by The Fine Art Society Ltd. Born in Inverness in 1941, Maclean was a midshipman (1957-59) before attending Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen (1961-65). He was awarded a Gray’s Travelling Scholarship in 1966, which allowed him to travel to the British School in Rome. The criticContinue reading “Will Maclean RSA”