Flashback Friday

Recently Gray’s School of Art alumnus James Tytler contacted RGU Art and Heritage and he passed us this super image from around 1971 I attach this photo of myself sitting in front of the Magritte sculpture, “The Healer” which was adapted from the artist’s painting of the same name. This photo was taken in AberdeenContinue reading “Flashback Friday”

World Book Day

Today we celebrate World Book Day with a book cover created by graphic design students who once studied at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 1967.  Elements of their course work involved the design and illustration of paperback books which occasionally had themes set in the North East of Scotland. This book cover celebrates theContinue reading “World Book Day”

EVENTYR: Imagine

TREASURE FIT FOR A FAIRY TALE This fine brooch by Rosemary Wilson features a driftwood design with a piece of sea glass.  It was made by first making a wooden model and then casting it in silver and hand working it. Originally from the Isle of Mull, Rosemary is inspired by the sea and byContinue reading “EVENTYR: Imagine”


Gray’s School of Art graduate,Nicole Niven gained her inspiration through the use of vibrant colour, everyday objects and what may seem like mundane things in life.   Her prints often would start off as paintings, mono-prints, screen-prints or drawings before selected imagery is manipulated through the use of photography and Photoshop.  The final print titledContinue reading “Portfolio”

EVENTYR: Imagine

As part of our EVENTYR series of posts in this time of self isolation we ask what the Art of Ping Pong could be?   Who put the Ping in the Pong? Gray’s School of Art graduate Jono Sandilands created a concept for an interactive table-tennis table which allows table-tennis players to record the strokes inContinue reading “EVENTYR: Imagine”