National Day of Reflection

In recognition of UK National Day of Reflection we’d like to share these works by Robert Bushe. They express a wistful contemplation of the space in our lives a loved one leaves behind. Artist’s statement:[These] small works were created following the loss of my father Fred. They are intimate imaginings of my father visiting myContinue reading “National Day of Reflection”

National Bed Month

#RightSideOfTheBed It’s National Bed Month. Carrie Ginniver offers a different perspective on the impact of the bed, and other private spaces, on our state of mind with her installation A Bed for the Physicality of Thought. This installation includes a framed text piece. Much of the text is illegible but the right hand side reads:Continue reading “National Bed Month”

Object of the Week

Artist’s statement:The content of my work deals with visualising humorous stories/narratives. I deal with ironic and playful themes throughout my work. The imagery is emblematic throughout and deals with everyday icons juxtaposed into intriguing compositions. My work to date is a combination of hand manipulation and photomechanical processes. They are neither painterly nor prints, butContinue reading “Object of the Week”