#MuseumsUnlocked – Winter

Landscape Clinterty by Will Maclean MBE, FRSE, RSA This early student oil on canvas by artist Will Maclean predates the wonderful box construction compositions which he is renowned for. This studnet painting with its subtle tone and subdued colour features the agricultural landscape located just to the west on the outskirts of the city ofContinue reading “#MuseumsUnlocked – Winter”

#MuseumsUnlocked – Dusk

Professor Stuart MacDonald 1948-2016 was the Head of Gray’s School of Art from 2006-2009.  A Gray’s School of Art alumnus, he dedicated his working life to the development of the Arts including Design, Architecture and Fine Art.  He had previously been a director of The Lighthouse in Glasgow from 1998-2006 and was highly respected in his field, having done muchContinue reading “#MuseumsUnlocked – Dusk”

#MuseumsUnlocked – Storms

This composition by Gray’s School of Art student Kenneth Ormonde was painted in 1961. A composition diminiutive in size but full of dark foreboding. It has always caught our attention with its lush bands of purple and subdued ochres Broad sweeping gestures amplify the impression of a great storm passing with a ferocity such thatContinue reading “#MuseumsUnlocked – Storms”

Birds of a Feather

STILL LIFE WITH PARROT was painted in 2006 by Alexander Fraser RSA. It is a complex still life composition demonstrating truly wonderful draughtsmanship. But how do you tackle such a complex composition? Alexander Fraser would position all the physical juxtaposed paper material and three dimensional objects on his studio floor in Muchalls. Whole areas ofContinue reading “Birds of a Feather”

Birds of a Feather

Sharp dressed puffins featured amidst Adam Johannesson’s wonderful body of work which he created for his project The Faroe Islands: A Different Kind of Museum. Adam shines an illuminating light on the stunning and refreshing location of the Faroe Islands which is special to Adam. The young artist received an RGU Visual Communication Purchase AwardContinue reading “Birds of a Feather”