RGU’s got Talent


Are you a secret artist? Have you hidden talents that you want to release on the world?

In January (until March) 2015, RGU Art & Heritage team want to use the Exhibition Space in the Learning Centre at the Business School to explore the artistic and creative talents of RGU staff and students. There’s no formal selection process other than normal rules of taste and decency, no judges panel or Boot Camp, just the chance to display your work along with that of many others from the RGU community.

Whether you’re a trained artist or not, we know that lots of you can paint, draw, photograph, embroider, knit, patch and make beautiful and interesting things in all kinds of ways we haven’t imagined yet.

So please email or call, and let us know what you are thinking of showing.

The exhibition will open in January 2015, running till March.

Jane Kidd, Art & Heritage Collections tel 3439, j.kidd@rgu.ac.uk

Small Print: You may advertise your items for sale, along with your own contact details, but the Art & Heritage team cannot handle any transactions on your behalf and the piece should be framed and ready to display, and should remain on display until the end of the exhibition.