Engage 2019

Second year Fashion and Textiles students view past RGU Purchase Award winners work

For many years Fashion and Textiles tutor Charlie Hackett has requested the loan of recent RGU purchase award winners work in order that current students may see the various approaches and techniques used by former Fashion and Textiles students. This year is the first year in which students from the department have had the opportunity to visit the new collections repository, which greatly increases engagement with the collection. An opportuinity to focus on more recent works, materials used and ideas developed by award winners such as Lee Borthwick, Emma Mackenzie,Joanna O’Brien, Mhairi Clark, Forest Napier, Kitty Lambton, Ashley Duncan, Kiri Abraham, Ingrid Garrioch, Laura Ukstina, Emma Kerr, Ellen Carrick, Jennifer Carranza, Jasmin Ramirez, Rachal Mack, Laura Morrison, Hannah Sture, Sarah Murphy, Jenny McHardy and more..

Tutor Charlie Hackett showing students ‘Sail Dress’ by Jennifer Carranza.

An added bonus to viewing recent student work in the repository is of course that one may spot other objects of interest including work from the Needlework Development Scheme, seen below. Originally works in this collection were collected by the company J.P. Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer.

Embroidery of white darning on net by Rebecca Crompton 1934

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