Passing the Torch – Legacy and Tradition

Passing the Torch embraces the legacy of Gray’s School of Art ceramics department and showcases an integral part of the cultural vibrancy of the University, being the only institution to offer ceramics provision in Scotland.

Stoneware Tankard by Ian Pirie, displayed alongside two untitled jugs by Ben Carswell.

“Exhibiting recent works alongside selected objects from the RGU Arts and Heritage Collection has allowed reflection on the development of Studio Ceramics at Gray’s School of Art following the Studio Pottery movement and the current trends and interests in ceramics at Gray’s School of Art.”
– Kevin Morris, Technical Services Officer, Gray’s School of Art.

The exhibition features work by Ian Pirie and William J. Brown, who established Rosebank Pottery together in the 1970s, following their time studying at Gray’s School of Art. They, and other artists who are no longer with us, are commemorated here. Their work is shown side by side with contemporary pieces that use the same methods and processes, demonstrating the continuation and renewal of traditional practice. The coming together of past and present is a celebration, both of the new artists embracing ancient techniques and traditions, and in honour of those who came before.

Left to right: ‘Bottle’ by William J. Brown, ‘Peerie Bottle’ by Kevin Morris, and ‘Remembering Bill’ by Kevin Morris.

Through ‘Fired Up!’ and ‘Passing the Torch’, Kevin Morris has reconnected with the work of his former tutor William J. Brown. Where the ‘Fired Up!’ project was an opportunity to bring new life to traditional methods, ‘Passing the Torch’ brings together ceramicists connected across time through their use of ancient methods. Pictured above, Morris honours Brown with a piece titled ‘Remembering Bill’, displayed alongside his mentor’s work which is preserved in the Art and Heritage Collection.

‘Teapot’ by Ian Pirie side by side with ‘Tea for One’ by Kevin Morris.

The exhibition in Gray’s School of Art will close on Friday 2nd of December, 4pm-6pm. The event will also mark the beginning of the campus wide display of the exhibition, which we hope to have installed by Friday 9th of December.

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