Passing The Torch

Celebrating the past and present of ceramics at Gray’s School of Art, RGU, ‘Passing the Torch’ brings together items from ‘Fired Up!’ and pieces preserved within the Art and Heritage Collection.

Showing works by Max Ross, Jen Coxon, Helen Love, Ian Pirie, Kevin Morris, and other artists.

‘Fired Up!’ marked the first communal wood firing of Gray’s School of Arts wood kiln, built by staff and students, taking place on 30th of October as part of the Vibrant Campus Award. To reflect this and the ambition of the Vibrant Campus initiative, works will be shown across campus following this exhibition at Gray’s School of Art in collaboration with RGU Art and Heritage.

“The characteristic earthen tones, ash deposits, burnt sienna flashings, natural glaze surfaces, and spontaneous effects, are something embraced in the firing process and evidenced within the works on show... By its very nature we feel wood firing forges cohesiveness and symbolizes the intrinsically communal and collaborative aspects of ceramics as an art form.”
– Kevin Morris, Technical Services Officer, Gray’s School of Art.

Works by Ewan Hunter, Maria, and unknown artists.

The ‘Passing the Torch’ exhibition displayed in Gray’s School of Art will close on Friday 2nd December.

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