ICAF – Augmented Fashion

The International Conference on Augmented Fashion 2022 is a collaboration between the Computing and Fashion and Textiles departments from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and Donghua University, China.

RGU Art and Heritage are delighted to support the conference by loaning Purchase Awrad winning work by Fashion and Textiles graduate Beth Davidson to feature as part of their drop in exhibition for the duration of the conference.

Beth Davison with her work at Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2022

Beth graduated this year and received the Principal’s Award for Design. Three of her pieces were welcomed into the collection this summer.

Artist’s statement:
Outer shell is a visual representation of feelings of claustrophobia and confinement contrasting with the need for protection, due to anxieties exacerbated by Covid within current society.
Traditional manufacturing begins to blur with digital innovation in an increasingly changing clothing industry. My practice uses digital design processes as a sustainability mechanism, reducing development costs and end use waste – a constant consequence of clothing production.
The collection explores both fragility and futurism – the soft stretch and transparency of organza move harmoniously with the wearer providing both comfort and shelter, whilst also consuming and enveloping.

For more information about Augmented Fashion and ICAF 2022 visit:
The International Conference on Augmented Fashion: ICAF 2022 – Augmented Fashion

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