World Photography Day

Noctiluca by Yvette Bathgate.

Yvette has printed her photograph on a sheet of steel, allowing the surface to shine through and accentuate the bioluminescence of her subject.

Artist’s statement:

“By exploring factors such as: radioactivity, natural and man-made material, geological make up, atmosphere, gravity, and evolution, I question how Homo sapiens have affected the planet we live in, and speculate how this will unfold in the future, considering humanity’s place in the universe on a scale of deep time.

Taking inspiration from archaeological processes – collating fragments from past civilisations in order to piece together cultural narratives based on the material objects left behind – I question the materials what our contemporary and near future cultures will leave behind, and how they will shape the way archaeologists of the deep future will interpret our time, the Anthropocene.

Many material objects created by man will likely long outlive us as a species. Plastic and concrete form new strata as it compresses over time to form rock. It is these objects that will define the human race via the significant, destructive marks we left on our planet.

This specific work takes inspiration from Noctiluca, a form of algae-like marine organism that is bioluminous, glowing when there is a break in the water. Noctiluca thrives in waters of heavy pollution, a direct effect of human presence. “

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