RGU Art and Heritage Purchase Award – Communication Design

Communication Design graduate Zoe Neill received a Highly Commended Purchase Award. Judges commented on the cinematic quality of her photographs, evocative of photojournalism and bringing a poignance to the small solitary moments she captures.

Zoe Neill With her award winning project

Artist’s statement:

Recent years have pushed me to rediscover myself as a photographer, having jumped into new genres and styles. I am heavily influenced by chiaroscuro lighting and have been using this technique in order to create eerie, cinematic stills. Creating film stills has become a passion of mine and I have found a new love for not only creating these images, but scouting out locations for these frames.

The aim of these images is to show that there are many different people and different age groups that struggle with mental health. Facing these struggles myself has encouraged me to try and help others, using my photography to do so.

I hope that these images will help people to speak out about their thoughts as they see that there are other people who have similar feelings. 

Main honours website: https://www.behance.net/zoeneill

Websites: https://www.instagram.com/zoeneill.jpg/

Photography by The Gatehouse

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