Crossings is a recent exhibition and the first on-campus exhibition RGU Art and Heritage have held since the beginning of Lockdown. Our intention is that it acts as a window through which to seek and identify various crossing points and connections which can be discovered through the work of both students, staff and alumni of Gray’s School of Art. We hope this will be the first of many such events.

Kai Campbell received a 2020 RGU Art and Heritage Award for his work Realms of Knowledge.

Realms of Knowledge by Kai Campbell RGU Art and Heritage Award 2020

Kai Campbell’s practice is, first and foremost, an exercise in mediation, using his enjoyment of making art to counter the allure of the mass media and ensuing plethora of ‘engrossing’ entertainment.

Secondly, it is an attempt to involve the viewer in what can best be described as an analogue expression of the digital experience.

Left: End of an Era by David Rae 2017 Right: Realms of Knowledge by Kai Campbell 2020

In the complex realm of online mass media, Campbell’s paintings remind us that we are sliding through drifts of unrelated, and unregulated, information more regularly than ever before. Deploying a plurality in both style and approach, he mimics the journey that our eyes and minds take as we sift our way through incoherent fragments of information in the world wide goldfish bowl of social media.

Wonderful to recently see Gray’s students taking part in the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition including a wonderful and striking composition by Kai.

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