Crossings is a recent exhibition and the first on campus exhibition RGU Art and Heritage have held since the beginning of Lockdown. Our intention is that it acts as a window through which to seek and identify various crossing points and connections which can be discovered through the work of both students and staff of Gray’s School of Art. We hope this will be the first of many such events.

The Brodgar Collection by Anna Younie

RGU Three Dimensional Design Purchase Award 2018

The Brodgar collection by Gray’s graduate Anna Younie has been inspired by the surrounding landscape of her home on Orkney. She has an admiration and fascination for the local scenery therefore, it seemed a natural choice to focus on this for her final year at Gray’s.

Her work has developed from the intricate patterns and erosion which surround Orkney’s coastline. The forms remain simple and elegant as she reflects upon the eye catching standing stone formations of Brodgar and Stenness, however the surface of her work is heavily textured relating to the weathered cliffs protecting the islands from the elements.

By exploring a variety of clay, slips and raw materials which all hold different properties this has resulted in a diverse range of effects being created. The work retains the sensitivity of clay whilst mirroring the harsh rock surfaces she studied intensively. She believes that this refined method demonstrates the possibilities of the medium and the result is something she is deeply proud of.

To learn more about this super artist visit

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