EVENTYR: Imagine

PCF_RGU_Schoolhill & Grays 05jul10
Death of the Art Critic by Dougal McKenzie – Student work 1990

The Custodian of the Art and Heritage Collections at Robert Gordon University finds himself isolated and doesn’t know what to do with his time.  He has decided to look at items in the collection to see if he can use his imagination to create an exciting story.

Or perhaps even a scary story!

This painting by artist Dougal McKenzie features a figure in a cool zig zag coat! 

What could be happening outwith this picture? 

What could it be? 

Look at his tie! 

Look at the position he is in. 

Where does he come from?  

What is he doing and whatever has happened to his poor hat? 

Answer in a message to us on WordPress, Facebook or Twitter.  If you have time  then write us a story.

What is a collection and why do we collect things?  Often it is because we, as humans, make things, we find things and we appreciate things, dark or light, colourful, sharp, spiky or smooth, ingenious and clever, ugly or aesthetically beautiful.  Everything has a meaning and a reason.



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