EVENTYR: Imagine

Amplifying the Real by Ben Veera – RGU Purchase Award 2010

Something for your imaginative mind to get its teeth into!

This work in the RGU Art and Heritage collection was created by Ben Veera, who received an RGU Purchase Award 2010 for his Product Design student research inspired by the worldwide sale of endangered shark species curios.  He questioned whether product design and the production of replica Sharks teeth could assist in reducing the sale of genuine endangered shark species teeth and jaws. Having 3D scanned fossil Megalodon teeth he developed a manufacturing process and carried out market research via ebay, selling replica teeth to collectors, whilst gaining their feedback.

In the long-term Ben envisaged that an extension of this approach via museum collections could be used as a diversion from existing worldwide contraband markets.  The museum sharks could in turn help the sharks in our seas…

Get a grip of your imagination with these fine incisors!

What creature with teeth would you write a story about?  Could they grab the tail of a Tyranosaurus Rex perhaps?

You decide.

Tell us about your short story based upon these mighty sharks gnashers.











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