Fresh Spirit

Where I lived at Dovecot Road Oil on board 1970 by Joyce Cairns

Joyce W. Cairns was born and grew up in Edinburgh. She studied painting at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, from 1966-71, following which she studied at the Royal College of Art, London. In 1976 the artist returned to Aberdeen, where she taught Drawing and Painting at Gray’s until 2004. Retiring from teaching at that point she focused her energy on a vast body of work, ‘War Tourist’, which was based on her father’s war experiences. She researched the subject by traveling, following in his footsteps through Europe and Tunisia. In 2006 the culmination of her research and work was displayed at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, attracting almost 30,000 visitors. This painting completed at Gray’s in 1970 was part of her Royal College of Art Submission in order to gain acceptance for the RCA course in London. Joyce continues to work in her studio and is currently the President of the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

Just imagine Let it be by the Beatles echoing around the School in 1970…

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