Flashback Friday

‘One’ by Anna Gray 2016           Digital print on paper

This week we bounce back in time to 2016 and the wonderful work by Anna Gray. The piece ‘One’ is held in RGUs Art Collection and her work has previously been displayed with a selection of other Gray’s graduates Degree Show work at Heritage Environment Scotland’s Duff House. 

Artist’s statement

A being that is not human, such as one that has been developed in some way, may view the world in a different light. This can be said to be the root of post human fear. Looking at the post human condition and by taking a religious angle and view point to my work I have been exploring how similar the ideas of these two seemingly very different subjects are. This has led me to creating pieces that resonate with tradition and modern day ideas. Within my work I try and balance these subjects together with hopes that the viewer can see and feel a familiarity with the pieces, a sense of comfort but also undertones of something other.

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. That is one hell of a turgid artist’s statement. I see they still don’t bother with the written word much at Grays. Fortunately the work contains more transparency and is quite fetching.


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