Flashback Friday



A wonderful exhibition of work by Shona E. Bowen is on display in Gray’s School of Art at the moment.

Shona E. Bowen’s delicate work  began with the concept of making a painting every day over one calendar year.  Here we see Shona with fellow student Heather Dickson on a Gray’s School of Art art camp to Achmelvich near LochInver.  Joining Shona and Heather are some camera shy lads from Drawing and Painting in 1981. Wonderful to see Shona back at Gray’s and with such an inspiring project. ’81’ #goodtimes, even for the Renault 4 which would have many stories to tell. 1972 Renault 4, 850cc, 34bhp, painted black (one colour not available from the factory), with whitewall tyres & a fake inflatable spare wheel under a white vinyl cover bolted to the tailgate…one proud owner…

Thanks to Gray’s School of Art for this super body of work which is on show in the Studio Project Space in the Gray’s School of Art painting department.  There is fun to be had seeking it and great reward when you find it.


Follow the link for more info

365 Paintings


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Lovely reading that and seeing the photos! That car does have stories, some sad. It’s a small world! Saw Bryan in countryfile and since heard a friend I here in Haddington, talking about him, having gone to his residential art course up in gardenstoun! That year had a lot of potential, and it’s great to see so many still in the art field!

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