Changing Pages exhibition on display in the Library

Forget e-books and cheap on-line paperbacks. RGU’s new library at Riverside East, Garthdee has gone back to single edition hand-printed books, complete with handmade bindings and artist’s illustrations.

The way is being led by students from Gray’s School of Art on the Contemporary Art Practice course who have added their selection of hand made ‘chap books’ to the serried ranks of more conventional volumes in the University’s library.  These have been made as part of their course, using paper plate lithography printmaking techniques.  Loosely based on well-known titles such as “Jekyll and Hyde” or “Whisky Galore”, the students have created an exciting exhibition of alternative book works that look like fans, butterflies, road maps or luggage tickets.  Library users can pick up them up and look at as they browse the shelves.

Lecturer David Blyth says

“it’s been very exciting for the students making these books and installing the exhibition in the new RGU library. Not only is it a highly appropriate context to view these unique works, the exhibition also affords the opportunity for our students to rehearse and present their work in public during these formative years.”

“Changing Pages” is in the RGU Library at Riverside East Garthdee from Monday 25th November until January 2014.

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