NEW TO RGU Exhibition


Every year the University Art and Heritage Collections award ‘purchase prizes’ to final year students at Gray’s School of Art and the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, visiting the Degree Shows to select pieces.

We are recognizing the students’ achievements, and developing a material record of the teaching and study at the Schools.  Objects we have collected this year range from painting and prints to conceptual pieces, designs for industrial products, ceramics, and photography.

Seen below is a work titled ‘Undulate’ by recent graduate Vicki Shennan.  Vicki is now studying at the Royal College of Art in London along with Glen Clydesdale, whose Three Dimensional work also features in this exhibition.


We also acquire objects used in teaching and research by the other RGU Schools, and this year have acquired a unique piece from RGU School of Engineering which commemorates its collaboration with NASA and its venture into space.

Meanwhile, from the School of Computing we have received some computer components, once used by students and staff at the leading edge of technology, but which have now become perplexing curiosities.


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Robert Gordon University Art and Heritage Collections



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